Since its foundation in 1992,  Agrotime Limited has developed successfully to become one of the leading Bulgarian agricultural companies. Throughout the years the company has proven itself to be a great example for modern innovative agriculture, and has demonstrated how the implementation of  good practices in development and management of agricultural companies can be applied in Bulgarian conditions.

We now have three agriculture units – Arable Farming, the Pig Farm and Fruits.  In 2017 we set up Agrotime Technic, a service-based company supporting agribusinesses in North-Eastern Bulgaria, in their machinery, servicing or precision agricultural needs

Since then we have also set up a separate trading operation – Agrochemicals and Seeds to provide the best solutions from our experience to Bulgarian farmers.

Agrotime Technic was set up in late 2017 to serve the agribusinesses of North-Eastern Bulgaria, and beyond, to supply them with modern machinery and support their operations.

Agrotime Agrochemicals and Seeds Trading Division was set up in 2018 to:

  • Buy and sell agrochemicals and seeds to Bulgarian distributors, dealers and farmers, and to

  • Work for Agrotime’s Arable Division – servicing their needs for the best agrochemicals at the best prices.

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Elected in 1997  at the World Economic Forum as one of the 500 top-performing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, nowadays Agrotime is one of the biggest producers and exporters of grains. Along with our daughter-company Annona Grain JSC we cultivate some 9,500 hectares (23,500 acres)  in North-Eastern Bulgaria – in the region of Razgrad and Isperih.


Agrotime is also one of the biggest employers in the region, providing permanent employment for more than 230 people and hiring every year around 150 seasonal workers. Alongside the grain production, the company is developing through diversification – especially through the production of fruits.


Agrotime also possesses and runs one of the largest pig operations in Bulgaria – with annual capacity of 80,000 pigs.


Constantly striving for improvement and innovation –  through investment in the education of its employees, by the introduction of know-how, implementation of good practices, utilisation of modern equipment and – last but not least, good management, Agrotime provides proof that the agricultural sector in Bulgaria can be a dynamic and competitive contributor to the Bulgarian economy.


We work in cooperation with leading international agricultural companies, scientific institutes across Europe, the US and Bulgaria, seeds companies and respected farmers, and strive to implement the best of their experience to our needs.


Our products are sold throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East. The range of customers spans from bird food manufacturers to bread factories, to flour mills and large retailers, some of them having been our partners for more than twenty years.


Along with grain production, the company develops its business through the diversification of its activities – currently through production of fruits. We also pay particular attention to sustainability in all aspects of our work and within the local community.




We operate in a naturally very fertile region of Bulgaria, which has long-term agricultural traditions and we take seriously the need to preserve the environment, as well as to educate the local people in appreciating the massive natural beauty of their surroundings. For example, one of our initiatives “Green Oak” encourages activities within the community to reduce environmental contamination, including working with the City Council to find solutions for construction garbage, and cleaning the local towns and villages, as well as educating our staff on plastic pollution and how to minimise its use and impact.

We also aim to support our workers in all possible ways, from providing the best conditions for Health and Safety at work, to providing and paying for training of potential high flyers. In addition we encourage sporting and healthy lifestyle activities for our staff and their children, organising local sports events, internal competitions for staff members and encouraging all members of staff to use the new sports centre at our head office with its gym and yoga rooms.


Agrotime Limited is a family owned and managed company spanning three generations of Ivanovs (formerly the Krachunovs). Since its foundation in 1992,  Agrotime Limited has developed successfully to become one of the leading Bulgarian agricultural companies.

Throughout the years the company has proved to be an example for modern innovative agriculture. We have demonstrated how the implementation of good practices in development and management of agricultural companies can be applied in Bulgarian conditions.

Since its inception the company has won and continues to win many  awards, including Agrobusinessman of the year in 1996 and 2005, to two of the owners and managers of Agrotime Limited, and Best Employer in 2013 and 2015. In 2018 and 2019 we also won Health and Safety Awards. Also in 2018 Agrotime was named the Most Innovative Agricultural Company by the Bulgarian Farmer newspaper, and in 2020 Ivan Krachunov was made Young Farmer of the Year by the EVRIKA Foundation. We are proud to have been visited by all Ministers of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria since our establishment, which is further recognition of the significance and exceptional reputation of the company.

Agrotime Limited is a member of several key professional organisations: the Bulgarian Farmers’ Association, the Association of Pig Breeders, the Danube Orchards Association and the Association of Manufacturers of Fodder.

The secret of our success is our constant aspiration for innovation and perfection, combined with the implementation of long-term agricultural traditions in a very fertile region.

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