Since its foundation in 1992 Agrotime has successfully set up and developed one of the leading pig farms in Bulgaria, with the most advanced systems in the sector. The pig production facilities are located on 25 hectares (60 acres), comprising 40 modern pig-houses, with capacity for 80,000 swine per annum, with 3,700 sows from PIC. The boar lines are also imported from PIC.

Our team is extremely well-qualified, headed up by our General Manager from Denmark –  a European country with its own impeccable traditions in pig production.

With this combination of exceptional facilities, staff and corporate vision, Agrotime has established itself among the preferred suppliers of live pigs for the meat-packing and processing industry in Bulgaria.


Agrotime is constantly investigating and installing modern systems to improve meat quality, to decrease expenditure and increase productivity, identifying and working with some of the best suppliers in the world to achieve our mission. Most recently we have upgraded the pig houses with the companies A.M. Warkup,  Collinson of the UK and SCOV Ventilation DK,  so that we now operate the most contemporary, fully automated feed, water and climate systems. We are incorporating a number of energy-efficient improvements in the pig farm, including complete change of lighting with LEDs, and transitioning from gas heating to electric heating, which provides a foundation for transition to green energy sources and the possibility to attain complete energy self-sufficiency. We are now working towards RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) certification as a part of a long-term plan for minimum antibiotic application.

Since 2011 a modern feed mill has been operating, built by the Dutch engineering company, Ottevanger Engineers, serving all of the feeding needs of the unit. The feed is produced primarily from our own grains and goes through a HACCP certification.


Since 2014 Agrotime has invested some 12 million BGN in innovation at the Pig Farm, which has totally transformed its business and brought the operations to the top European class.

Renovation and investments in the farm, are made continuously, with modern technical solutions, in order to improve Animal Welfare and support staff, so we create a work place where focus is on both animals and people

This work is continuing, and highlights are presented below:


10% of the 3700 sows are a nuclear herd of Yorkshire large whites, ensuring the genetic core of our pigs.

The characteristics of this breed lead to:

– Higher productivity, with lower consumption rate

– Better lean meat percentage
– Low fat content
– A more tender meat
– High meat qualities such as brittleness, intramuscular fat (marbled), colour, lower drip loss

-High performance results in pigs, with better health.

Agrotime thus offers the best quality meat – on a par with the best quality in countries like the UK, and our current aim is to get this fact publicised and recognised on the shop shelf.


Agrotime Pig Farm is unique in Bulgaria in not giving antibiotics prophylactically, and is in the process of obtaining RWA certification.

External European Consultants have analysed Agrotime pig veterinary records and concluded that Agrotime pigs are given 3 x less antibiotics than the average in Germany, and compete with the best farms in Denmark.


We are the first pig farm in Southeast Europe to produce so-called ‘Happy Pigs’, on an industrial scale.
To this end, we have undertaken major infrastructural transformations: from conventional building design for the early stages of the pig development,  to completely new, open designs for the finishers, similar in concept to modern office space, with open-plan rooms for 1750 animals together, providing more space per animal, as well as freedom of movement.

All design and construction is done by the English company, A.M.Warkup and Big Dutchman BG, where the focus in layouts is on Animal Welfare, and future safe facilities, combined with productivity.

In addition, the long term plan is to grow pigs as free range in the open.

The company focuses on Animal Welfare, available space for the pigs, lights 16 hours per day, calm handling and managing of the pigs during their lifetime.

Agrotime Pig Farm


When all is said, it’s the quality of the meat that matters, and it depends on what the animals are fed.

– Our pigs are grain fed, produced in our own feed mills using our own grain

–We ensure our feed contains sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, so the pigs are supplied according to legislation and performance

– NO animal products are used in our feed

Pig Farm, village of Isperih

Feed mill Agrotime


In addition to the environmental enhancements already detailed, we collect the pig slurry in slurry tanks and Lagoons. It is used as fertilizer.

The Company also has a manure separation system, so we can make concentrated fertilizer as dry product.