Over the years Agrotime has built up a lot of knowledge and knowhow in many different associated businesses which it now shares with the broader agribusiness of Bulgaria.

Agrotime Agrochemicals and Seeds Trading Division was set up in 2018 to:

Buy and sell agrochemicals and seeds to Bulgarian distributors, dealers and farmers, and to work for Agrotime’s Arable Division – servicing their needs for the best agrochemicals at the best prices.

We conduct extensive research to find the highest quality value -for-money products in the market – for example we are the exclusive distributor in Bulgaria for FOLIQ Products, developed by Origin Enterprises PLC in Ireland. These foliar fertilisers offer added value with higher yields and better quality.

Exclusive sales representative for foliQ fertilisers in Bulgaria

Foliar nourishment of wheat and barley with foliQ fertilisers

FoliQ are foliar fertilizers made from the highest quality certified materials and components, pure water, using a cutting-edge grinding mill and product degassing station. The new version of FoliQ ensures improved, higher-quality crops. Click to see the catalouge