Agrotime has positioned itself as a preferred supplier of milling wheat with high content of protein and first-class baking qualities. We carefully make and constantly improve our seed selection for optimum results in our environment. We are currently using primarily Austrian varieties for our milling wheat, and consistently achieve 30% higher grain yields and 10-20% better bread baking quality than with previously available local seeds.


Agrotime grows high quality barley for our own consumption only and it is milled and mixed in the feed of the pigs, giving additional control over the ingredients that comprise the mix of the pig feed. It is of the highest possible quality because from production, through to its cleaning and storing, the grain is guaranteed to be free from toxins and wild seeds which are sometimes poisonous.


Agrotime grows two types of striped sunflower seed – one for birdfeed, that has been sold to Sweden every year for more than 20 years, where the main customer is a company producing feed which people place in their gardens for wild birds during the winter. The other type, called confectionary sunflower seed, is sold to a company in the Netherlands, which packs it into small packages and sells it for human consumption in countries, which have the habit of eating these seeds. It is also hulled and used in breadmaking.
Corn, which is grown as part of the crop rotation system, is mixed in the pig feed, with any surplus being exported.


Agrotime cultivates approximately 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres)  in North Eastern Bulgaria, around Isperih and Razgrad, and relatively close to the ports of Rousse (Danube River) and Varna (Black Sea). We have modern silos with a total capacity of 60,000 MT. We export grain to countries of the Middle East and North Africa – including Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Madagascar, as well as all over Europe – to Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece etc.


Agrotime produces high quality seeds of Austrian varieties of wheat, for the Bulgarian market.

The varieties we offer for 2016 include:

 Adeso, Arnold, Astardo and Lukullus

All varieties are carefully selected for Bulgarian soil and climatic characteristics.


Since its foundation in 1992 Agrotime has successfully set up and developed one of the leading pig farms in Bulgaria. The company is established as one of the preferred suppliers of live pigs for the meat processing industry in Bulgaria. The pig production facilities are located on 220 decares (55 acres), comprising 39 modern pig-houses, with capacity for 60,000 swine per annum. The breeding swine are mainly Landrace and Yorkshire breeds, and the boar lines are Hampshire Tendergen – all imported from the British breeding company JSR Genetics Ltd. Agrotime is constantly investigating and installing modern systems to decrease expenditure and increase productivity. The company is also constantly improving the animal welfare, and is running a project to convert the piggery into freerange production. Since 2011 a modern feed mill has been operating, serving most of the feeding needs of the unit.


Along with grain production the company is diversifying its activities, in particular through growing fruits – primarily cherries. We currently cultivate some 40 hectares of cherry orchard in the Ludogorie area of North-Eastern Bulgaria, increasing to 85 hectares (210 acres) in 2016. The whole orchard is equipped with drip irrigation. We grow high quality varieties including Kordia, Regina, Karina, Stella, Vanda, Bing, and many more modern ones from the most innovative developers in Canada, USA and Europe – with a view to having the longest possible ripening season, from early June to late August. In order to guarantee high quality of the product to retailers and consumers we have installed a modern cherry sorting and packing line with hydro-cooling system, from the Italian company Unitec.